Attend The 2020 Election Evening Watch, Tuesday, November 3

The Claremont Colleges Debate Union is sponsoring a Election Evening Watch on Tuesday, November 3. The event will begin just after polls close in California; it is scheduled from 8:15-9:15 PM. All members of the HSPDP are welcome to participate. More than 175 members of the HSPDP have participated in the 2020 Presidential/Vice-Presidential DebateWatches, Trump/Biden TownHall Watches, and public debate on the abolition of the Electoral College. High school commentators have offered extraordinarily insightful, challenging, and innovative arguments during these sessions. The evening discussion will include election issues – California initiatives, abolition of the Electoral College, compulsory voting, dishonesty in political ads, and more. The event will include regular updates and discussion on the presidential and other major races.  The discussion usually includes an evaluation of the formats, moderators, and commentators of major cable election coverage. It is also lively and fun. To join the post-debate discussion, please use the following Zoom link Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 859 4078 9302 The Debate Union has scheduled DebateWatches, Election Evening Discussion, and other election events for the past 5 presidential elections.

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