Calendar 2020-2021

Saturday, August 22 – PDP Teacher Workshop
Saturday, October 10 – PDP Teacher/Student Workshop & Judge Certification
Sunday, October 18 – PDP Teacher/Student Workshop & Judge Certification

League Tournaments
Saturday, October 10 – SoCal Novice Tournament
Saturday, October 31 – SoCal League Tournament (East Coast invited)
Saturday, November 14 – East Coast League Tournament (SoCal invited)
Saturday, November 21 – SoCal League Tournament, Orange County Championship
Sunday, December 6 – SoCal League Tournament (East Coast invited)
Saturday, January 16 – SoCal League Tournament, Desert Valleys Championship
Saturday, February 13 – SoCal League Tournament (East Coast invited)
Saturday, March 6 – SoCal League Tournament, Los Angeles County Championship  (East Coast invited)
Saturday, March 13 – East Coast League Tournament (SoCal invited)

Championship Tournament
High School Championship Tournament – Saturday, April 17
Judging opportunity – Middle School Championship Tournament – Saturday-Sunday, April 24-25

Professional Communication Events
Presidential/Vice-Presidential and Other DebateWatches & Discussions (post-event discussion for all events)
September 29 – Presidential DebateWatch
October 7 – Vice-Presidential DebateWatch
October 15 – Presidential Town Hall Watch
October 22 – Presidential DebateWatch
November 3 – Election Eve Watch
December 6 – George Senate DebateWatch

Showcase Public Debates
Sunday, October 4, 2:00 PM, ‘Abolish the Electoral College.’
Sunday, November 1, 2:00 PM, ‘The US should adopt compulsory voting for general elections.’
Sunday, November 22, 2:00 PM, ‘Presidential candidates should be required to play Jeopardy.’

Academic Conferences
Academic Conference on Criminal Justice Reform – Fall 2021 (announcement and invitation Spring 2021)

PDP Office Hours, Thursdays
Meet and discuss the PDP, Claremont summer debate and leadership/scholars institutes, and debate issues with John Meany
3-4 PM Middle school students
4-5 PM High school students
5-6 PM PDP parents
6-8 PM PDP teachers/coaches (also welcome are teachers/coaches representing other debate formats)

College Competitions with High School Student Eligibility (mixed competition with separate high school awards)
International Humanitarian Law Debates (alternate format), Date TBD
University PDP Championship (high school teams eligible, with independent awards) – Date TBD

High school sophomores and up are eligible to judge at MSPDP events. There are scores of tournaments throughout Southern California annually. In addition, there are opportunities to judge at this year’s national middle school championship.
MSPDP National Championship – Saturday-Sunday, April 24-25

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