Schools pay annual membership and/or league dues to Claremont McKenna College. Please read carefully.

Annual Membership

All participating Youth, Middle School and High School Public Debate Program US schools, regardless of location or league affiliation, pay annual membership dues. The membership fee for 2018-19 is $25.00. Annual membership dues are due no later than February 15, 2019.

Annual $25 Membership Invoice for All Schools
invoice.pdp.annual membership.dues.1819

League Dues

If a school participates in a league with Claremont McKenna College as fiscal agent, annual league registration fees for 2018-19 programming are $500.00 for middle school debate and $600.00 for high school debate. This means that total participation fees for these schools for 2018-19 are $525/625 ($25 annual membership dues and either $500 or $600 annual league registration fees). The following leagues pay league registration fees to Claremont McKenna College – Southern California High School Public Debate Program, Golden West Debate League, Pacific Coast Debate League, Rancho California Debate League, Temecula Valley Debate League, and Inland Valley Debate League. The Hoosier State Debate League also pays annual league dues to Claremont McKenna College but is separately invoiced. League registration dues are due no later than February 15, 2019.

High School Invoice – League Registration (Southern California)
invoice.hspdp.socal.league dues.1819

Middle School Invoice – GWDL/PCDL/RCDL/TVDL/IVDL
invoice.mspdp.socal.select.league dues.1819

If a school participates in any other league, please contact the league president for information on annual league registration fees.

In general, there are no additional tournament fees for league events, with the following exceptions – tournaments providing lunch (optional payment for the lunch package), inter-league tournaments (hosts may charge a fee for any school/team from another league), and championship tournament fees for qualifying teams.




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