2012-2013 Topics

Claremont McKenna College, League Invitational, October 27, 2012

  1. End the filibuster! (pre-announced)
  2. Plea bargaining does more good than harm. (pre-announced)
  3. California should prefer the death penalty to life without the possibility of parole. (impromptu)
  4. Presidential debates do more harm than good. (impromptu)

California Academy of Mathematics and Science, League Invitational, November 17, 2012

  1. US cyberwarfare does more good than harm. (pre-announced)
  2. Schools should have drug testing for students participating in extra-curricular activities. (impromptu)
  3. The minimum wage does more good than harm. (pre-announced)
  4. The US Federal Government should significantly increase taxes. (impromptu)

Compton High School, League Invitational, February 9, 2013

  1. States should legalize physician-assisted suicide. (pre-announced)
  2. The US should adopt a national sales tax. (pre-announced)
  3. Second Amendment rights should be substantially curtailed. (impromptu)
  4. US military withdrawal from Afghanistan will do more harm than good. (impromptu)

Sage Hill School, League Invitational, March 2, 2013

  1. US detainees in the war on terror should be tried by an international tribunal. (pre-announced)
  2. The United States should have a federal shield law for journalists. (pre-announced)

Impromptu motions will be announced at the competition and listed on this page after the event is concluded. Topics for upcoming tournaments are not listed in round order.

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