Rules changes effective 2015-16

There is a single rule change and Points of Information (POIs) and Heckling rule clarifications for 2015-16.


Students may use electronic media during preparation time to access debate materials. Students may not use an electronic device to connect to the internet. In other words, electronic devices may be used as a substitute for paper.


These affirm existing rules to make the rules clear to all. These involve Points of information and Heckling.

1. Speakers may only request a Point of information of the opposing team. Points of information may not be directed to team partners.

2. Points of information may be an argument, commentary, or question. Points of information do not need to be framed as a question.

3. During a Point of information, a debater may make an argument directly to the judge. Arguments made during Points of information ought to have the same consideration as any like argument entered in the debate.

4. The only verbal heckling interruption that is permitted is argumentative heckling. Disruptive, non-argumentative verbal interruption is not permitted. There must be a substantive, argumentative purpose for the heckle.

5. Heckling is limited to 1-2 words (perhaps 3, but never more than that). Please reserve longer statements for speeches.

6. Students applying for a Point of information may make the request by (1) standing or standing with an extended arm or (2) standing an announcing “Information.” No other verbal application of POIs.

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