2019-20 Calendar Announced

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The primary calendar includes 9 league events – a teacher workshop and 7 league invitational tournaments, as well as the HSPDP Championship in April. Three league tournaments will be designated as regional championships – Orange County, Desert Valleys, and Los Angeles.

There are supplemental events during the year. These include 2 select PDP tournaments. The Southern California HSPDP league will host a tournament with debating in Spanish, French, and Chinese. This tournament will follow all standard HSPDP rules.

In addition, high school students may attend the university-level PDP championship, scheduled for Saturday-Sunday, January 25-26. HSPDP teams from 3 schools were award-winners at the 2019 competition. In addition to the general tournament awards (awards are inclusive of all participating institutions), there are separate awards for the high school section of the tournament. With one exception for speaking time, the university rules are identical to the high school rules. The UPDP adds one minute of time to each speech in the debate – constructive speeches (opening 4 speech in the debate) are 7 minutes and the rebuttal speeches are 6 minutes. Last year’s competition included (university) tournament champion from the French war college, École de Guerre, and (high school) tournament champion The Webb Schools.

On the same weekend as the UPDP championship, the Claremont Colleges Debate Union will host an Academic Conference on Criminal Justice Reform. The conference will be held on Friday-Saturday, January 24-25. HSPDP schools are invited to attend any portion of the conference (including keynote speeches, professional communication instruction, panel presentations, and group multimedia presentations). There are awards for high school students for top papers, as well as panel and multimedia presentations. The conference will be enhanced with artificial intelligence/blockchain technology sponsored by LearningEconomy, a cutting-edge international education initiative. Keynote speakers include judges, lawyers, and members of the public with expert familiarity with criminal justice. The invitation will be available on September 15.

High schools students (beginning sophomore year; must be PDP-certified) may judge at Middle School Public Debate Program (MSPDP) events. They may also train and certify as tournament directors and tabulation staff. There are scores of tournaments at 10 Southern California leagues. In addition, high school students may judge at the middle school regional and national championship tournaments. The MSPDP Southwest Regional Championship is scheduled for Saturday, April 25. The MSPDP National Championship will be held on Sunday, April 26. Mount San Antonio College will host both tournaments.

Additional debate and outreach events for HSPDP debaters will be announced soon.


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