Congratulations – 2019 HSPDP Champions, Webb Schools!

Congratulations to The Webb Schools, this year’s National HSPDP champion! The 2019 championship was held at the International School of Los Angeles (LILA) and a team from the host school placed second. The Grand Final Debate was outstanding and Webb defeated LILA on a 2-1 decision. The final topic was “In the US, small states have too much power.”

The debate topics included the following. Pre-announced topics are research-based and announced several weeks before an HSPDP tournament. Impromptu topics, based on enduring ethical controversies and current events, are announced 30 minutes before debates begin on that topic.

• The First Amendment should not protect disparaging or threatening trademarks. (pre-announced)
• Soldiers should be able to opt out of specific conflicts for moral reasons. (pre-announced)
• Inmates in prisons and jails should be allowed to vote. (impromptu)
• Citizenship should be a privilege, not a right. (impromptu)

Congratulations to all HSPDP debaters for their performances at the championship and league events and thanks to teachers, coaches, judges, parents, and volunteers for an extraordinary year of debating!

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