Tournament/Topics – League Invitational, Compton High School, February 16


The fifth 2018-19 Southern California league tournament is scheduled for Saturday, February 16. The event will be held at Compton High School, Compton.

The pre-announced topics for the event include:

  • The US Federal Government should break up Facebook.
  • Survivors of domestic violence should be able to carry a gun without a permit.

Additional impromptu topics will be selected from current events and enduring ethical controversies.


Register with both League Presidents: Please send tournament registration to Katie Na,, and Maya Kurkill,

Use the Registration Sample

Note students eligible for novice awards (first year of debating). Please put an “N” after the name of any novice-eligible debater.

Please use the form listed for registration on this page.

Registration Cap

IMPORTANT – Entries will be accepted based on registration submission date/time. The deadline for registration will be Wednesday, February 13, 6:00 PM.

Required Judge Registration

Please ensure that your school has sufficient certified judging for entered teams (one judge for the full tournament covers 2 teams or portion thereof). Individuals may not judge at a tournament at which they are certified. Prospective judges complete certification at a tournament and then judge at subsequent debate tournaments.

Schools may register only those teams for which they have certified judges. In other words, if your school would like to register 4 teams, you must register 2 certified judges. Those judges must be available to judge all 4 debates. If you would like your registered judges to have a free debate or two, you must register more of them. For example, if you register 4 teams and want to have 2 debates in which your volunteers do not judge (e.g., so that parents might view their own children in debates), you must register 4 judges for the competition.

If you are new to the HSPDP and do not have certified judges but would like to register teams, please contact the league presidents with this request.

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