Combined UPDP/HSPDP Tournament – January 26-27

HSPDP schools are invited to attend a PDP-format tournament scheduled for Claremont McKenna College, Saturday-Sunday, January 26-27. The tournament is the inaugural Public Debate Program event for colleges. High school teams will compete in an open tournament involving high school and college participants but will receive separate awards, in which they are ranked only against other high school teams and speakers. All rules for the HSPDP apply, with one exception. The speaking times for the event are 7-7-7-7-6-6, rather than the customary 6-6-6-6-5-5 times.

There are 4 rounds scheduled for Saturday and 2 rounds and a grand final scheduled for Sunday. High school teams may choose to participate in debates on Saturday only. Just like an HSPDP tournament, those teams will debate that day and receive awards based on 4 rounds of debating. Teams may also choose to debate for the full tournament and receive awards on Sunday. Schools are welcome to attend the Grand Final Debate on Sunday. It will be held in Bauer Forum, Bauer Center South. Certified judges are welcome to volunteer to judge on Saturday or Sunday.

Please register as for any tournament. Katie Na and Maya Kurkhill can answer any registration question.

There are 3 pre-announced topics for the event:

  • Inanimate objects should have standing to sue.
  • Governments should provide a universal basic guaranteed annual income for all citizens and permanent residents.
  • Governments should maintain strict policies of no-contact/non-interference with isolated indigenous peoples.

Here is the schedule.

Saturday, January 26

8:00 AM 8:50 AM Registration and Announcements, Bauer Forum, Claremont McKenna College

9:00 AM Round 1

10:45 AM Brunch

11:45 AM Round 2

1:30 PM Round 3

3:30 PM Round 4

Sunday, November 18

8:30 AM Arrival, Bauer Forum

9:15 AM Round 5

11:00 AM Brunch

12:00 PM Round 6

2:00 PM Awards and Grand Final Debate (post secondary)

3:45 PM Grand Final Awards and Dismissal

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