Introducing the HSPDP Presidents!

Congratulations to Katie Na and Maya Kurkhill, the new Presidents of the High School Public Debate Program. Many MS/HSPDP coaches might already know them from their tournament tab work. They will oversee and support a number of HSPDP initiatives, including league and school recruiting, championship tournament management, tabulation and tournament administration training, and international programming.

I have had the opportunity to work with Katie and Maya in college and secondary school events – academic conferences, summer debate and leadership communication instructional workshops, middle school and high school outreach, and international debating. I anticipate that HSPDP participants will appreciate their professionalism, rigor, attention to detail, collaborative spirit, and friendliness. I enthusiastically welcome them to their new roles in the HSPDP.

In addition to their duties as the presidents of the organization, they will also preside over operations of the Southern California HSPDP league. Southern California schools will register teams/judges for events with Katie and Maya.

Here is their email contact:
Katie Na,
Maya Kurkhill,

Steve Fitzpatrick, teacher/coach at the Hackley School, Tarrytown, New York will continue as extraordinary president of the Tri-State Debate League, representing the HSPDP for New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

I want to thank Jessica Fisher, teacher/coach at The Webb Schools, for her outstanding work leading the Southern California HSPDP in 2017-18.

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