Tournament/Topics – Championship Tournament, April 23

The 2017 HSPDP Championship Tournament is scheduled for Sunday, April 23. The event will be held at The Webb Schools, Claremont, CA.

The pre-announced topics for the event are listed. The topics are not listed in round order. Two of the topics will be used in preliminary debates. The third pre-announced topic or an impromptu topic will be used in the Grand Final Debate. The decision to use a pre-announced topic or an impromptu topic is made just prior to the championship final debate.

The 2017 Federal Reserve interest rate hikes will do more harm than good.
The US should leave NATO.
Eliminate supermajority voting in the US Congress!

Additional impromptu topics will be selected from current events and enduring ethical controversies.

Registration Reminders

Registration differs for the championship tournament. Schools will receive information regarding registration and other details on Thursday, March 23.


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