Calendar 2014-2015

Schools may volunteer to host on a particular date by sending an email to All events are in the High School Public Debate Program (HSPDP) format, except as noted. It is also possile for a high school to select any league invitational date and volunteer to host.

  • Sunday, October 12, HSPDP League Invitational 1 – Claremont McKenna College
  • Sunday, November 9, HSPDP League Invitational 2 – Claremont McKenna College
  • Sunday, December 7, HSPDP League Invitational 3 – The Webb Schools
  • Monday-Monday, January 5-12, 2015 Pan American Debating Championship – Claremont McKenna College
  • Saturday, February 7, HSPDP League Invitational 4 – Compton High School
  • Saturday, February 28, HSPDP League Invitational 5 – St. Margaret’s Episcopal School
  • Saturday, April 11, HSPDP League Invitational 6 – Upland High School
  • Saturday-Sunday, April 25-26, HSPDP Championship & US High Schools International Debate Championship  – Claremont McKenna College
    • Saturday, April 25, HSPDP Championship
    • Sunday, April 26, IPDP Championship (WSDC-format)



Congratulations to all students participating in tournament competition in 2013-14. Thanks to all teachers, coaches, judges, and volunteers (especially parent volunteers) for their contributions to tournament and program administration, academic achievement, and hospitality.

The 2013-2014 HSPDP Championship was held at Claremont McKenna College, April 2014. Congratulations to the 2014 HSPDP Champion – Polytechnic School. Additional congratulations to Upland High School, this year’s runner-up. Of course, congratulations are also extended to Harvard-Westlake School, the winner of the 2013 US-WSDC National Championship. The Marlborough School finished second and Upland High School placed third.


* On Saturday-Sunday, April 25-26, Claremont McKenna College will host the HSPDP Championship and an International Debate Championship in the WSDC format. The HSPDP Championship will be held on Saturday, April 25. On Sunday, there will be a 4-round tournament in the World Schools debate format. Schools may enter either or both competitions; there will be separate awards for each tournament, as well as overall awards for success at the combined championship.

*2 The Pan American Debating Organization voted for the USA/Claremont McKenna College to host the 2015 Pan American Debating Championship.  The tournament was held January 5-12, 2015. Congratulations to US students from Claremont’s International Public Debate Program/Team USA qualifying for the event, including students from the following schools: Arcadia High School, Ayala High School, Harvard-Westlake School, Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies, Marlborough School, Murrieta Valley High School, Newport Harbor High School, St. Francis High School, Upland High School, and Yucca Valley High School. Congratulations to the following schools for qualifying more than 1 students for the event: Ayala High School, Harvard-Westlake School, and Upland High School. Ten US students were team and or individual award winners at the 2015 competition.

The 2016 event will be held in Argentina (Buenos Aires) or Canada (Vancouver). The vote is scheduled for Spring 2015.



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